NEXI Industries Urban Series Metal Distortion


NEXI Industries Urban Series Analog Chorus

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The sound creators at NEXI are committed to providing a unique vintage tone without compromise. The Metal Distortion MTD-01-UD pedal is simply a beast. Whether you are about to unleash some face-melting thrash metal of the 80s or the slower grind and growl of industrial metal you are going to 9-inch nail everything down. This fat analog pedal doesn’t just growl, it screams!

This analog beast will have you chugging and thrashing with its high gain screaming tone. Despite maxing out on distortion levels, the designers insured you’ll lose nothing in terms of note clarity. If you’re looking for the scream and fast response of 80’s thrash or the menacing growl that defines industrial metal, you’ll have those tones dialed in faster due to simple yet versatile design.

The creators at NEXI are all guitarists, with most having been on multiple tours and have even been awarded the Red Dot and iF Design Awards for their excellent product design. No one understands your needs better. The electronic board, together with the aluminium body is designed to be completely splash-proof; so not even a jealous Thor will stop you from shredding.

All NEXI pedals are True Bypass, are hybrid designed, and all are tailor-made to plug ‘n play meaning more time preaching the attitude of metal less time setting up. This means the MTD-01-UD can be used standalone with a 9V battery, external power supply, or simply click it in NEXI’s revolutionary – The Solution – pedal board and start headbanging.


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