Medeli UP81 Digital Piano


UP81 is the best digital piano at an entry level, especially for people with a thighter budget. It offer a selection of Medelis high-quality sounds, a fully graded hammer action keyboard (GAK) and three pedals. All this in a fully sized, powerful sounding housing. The keyboard has graded weightzones. This way, the action on the bass side is heavier than on the treble side. This makes it the ultimate practice piano. With the addition of USB-audio you can record directly into your computer or phone without an additional interface!

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Keyboard: 88 keys (graded action keyboard GAK)
Maximum polyphony: 64
voice: 20
Library: 10 nummers
Layers: L, R1, R2
Split: Yes
Duo (Twinova): Yes
Reverb: 4

USB: USB-B (MIDI en audio)
Headphones: 2 x 1/4″
Input: 1x 1/4″
Outputs: 1x 1/4″
Pedals: (sustain / zacht / sostenuto)
Amplifier: 2 x 20 watt
Speakers: 2 x (15 x 10) cm ovaal
Power supply: DC 12V
Dimentions: 1362 x 396 x 830 mm
Weight: 39,7 kg


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