Maintenance & repairs

Need new strings, maintenance, repairs, new electronics, or amplifier repair? No problem at all! In most cases you’ll get your guitar or amp back within a few working days.

String replacement / maintenance

(materials/parts excluded)

String replacement electric / acoustic guitar€15
String replacement 12-string guitar€20
Basic maintenance: fretboard cleaning & oiling / fret polishing / body cleaning / overall check-up / string replacement€35,00

Pro setup

(materials/parts excluded)

Classical guitar€49,00
Western guitar€59,00
12-String guitar€79,00
Electric guitar with a fixed bridge€59,00
Electric guitar with a tremolo bridge€69,00
Electric guitar with a floyd rose€119
Fret Dress (removing dents in the frets, sanding, polishing etc.)€49
Fret Level with included setup afterwards€139
Pro setup:
remove old strings
remove dust & dirt
body cleaning 
tuning machines checkup / lubricate / adjustment
fret polishing
fretboard cleaning & oiling
string replacement
trussrod adjustment
checkup/cleaning electronics
checkup/adjustment nut & bridge(saddles)
playthrough to ensure perfect playability 

Additional Repairs & Electronics

(materials/parts excluded)

Problem analyses guitars €17,50
Basic electronics replacement (potentiometers, output jacks, switches, wiring)€17,50
Pickup replacement starting fee (depending on the type of pick-ups and desired schematics)€35
Amp Repair (Total amplifier repair costs can only be determined after inspection and problem analyses)€17,50

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